Enabling Inventory

To get started, you’ll first need to enable the inventory management feature in AlarmBiller. To do this, navigate to the inventory feature after you log into AlarmBiller. This can be found in the Accounting Dropdown Menu.

Find the Preferences in the setup menu.

Once you’re in the Preferences, you’ll see a tab for Inventory. If you do not see the Inventory tab, call our support team to enable this feature with our Pro Edition. Once activated, only Admin users can change inventory preferences.

Check off the “Enable Inventory” option in the Inventory tab. When you enable inventory, it will expose several more options for you to choose from. If you decide to disable inventory management, simply uncheck “Enable Inventory”. Disabling the inventory feature will clear all its contents from your view but will not delete them. If you decide to re-enable the feature in the future, you will be able to view your historical inventory management data.

  • As Of: The date and time of when the inventory feature was enabled. The As Of date cannot be edited. Part related transactions cannot occur prior to this date.
  • Main Warehouse: Choose the primary warehouse you use for your inventory. This field will be auto-populated with a default warehouse to start with. You can edit this during setup or come back and edit the main warehouse field after you create your primary warehouse.
  • Miscellaneous Invoice COGS Account: Choose the Cost of Goods Sold account associated with the main warehouse selected above.
  • Adjustment Account: Choose the Adjustment account associated with the main warehouse selected above. This will affect the GL accounts behind the scenes as you edit your inventory.