How We Evaluate a Feature Request

At Bold Group, we appreciate receiving enhancement requests for our products. While some may be easy to add, others may be quite involved. We want to share with you how we evaluate and how we decide which ones to add. We follow the same general process for all of our products. This question and answer format should help. 

How do I enter an enhancement request? 

To start, enter a customer support case via Support Portal. Try to be as detailed as possible and provide a business case for the enhancement.

Answering these questions is very helpful: What are the goals of the Enhancement? What is the Enhancement Area in the application? What is the Enhancement Value to your internal and external customers? Which users will benefit from the enhancement? Being detailed helps save time and misunderstanding or confusion later. 

What happens after I submit an enhancement request? 

You will receive an email from Bold Group acknowledging your enhancement request. Our team will evaluate your request. Someone from our Product Management team may contact you for additional details. After your request has been reviewed, we will document your request, and close the case. You will receive an email notification. 

For customers who wish to purchase enhancements, someone from our team will contact you with a statement of work.

What determines if my enhancement will be included? 

We receive many enhancement requests, and we review each one. We determine if our products already have a similar requested enhancement. If not, we consider the area of our product to change and the value for the greatest number of customers.

As part of the evaluation, we determine what business problem the enhancement will solve; we consider the complexity of implementing the enhancement; and we estimate how long it may take to complete the enhancement. If we determine that the enhancement is feasible, providing new functionality benefiting the most customers, we add it to our development team’s schedule for a product release. 

All enhancements, if implemented, will be announced via customer newsletter and/or Release Notes.